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Gwen Diamond में 'चीन शहर के आसपास...'

Gwen Diamond - चीन शहर के आसपास...

हे भगवान! वेन डायमंड इतना गर्म और पागल है! हम उसे चाइना टाउन ले गए और इस लड़की के साथ खूब मस्ती की। वह सिर्फ कैमरे के लिए सार्वजनिक रूप से खुद को दिखा प्यार करता है! वह सिर्फ उसके स्तन बाहर लटक के साथ दुकानों के आसपास जाना होगा !!! सार्वजनिक रूप से खुद को उजागर इस बेब वास्तव में सींग का बना दिया । तो हम अपने आदमी कर्ट Lockwood बुलाया व्यापार का ख्याल रखना और वह उसे अपने जीवन का तेज़ दिया !!!

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Ruth Blackwell में 'Ruth Blackwell'

Ruth Blackwell - Ruth Blackwell

Gwen Diamond is the newest slut on the interracial menu. She was raised in a mainly white town and would drive for hours to play with black cock. She's now in my neck of the woods and we both decided to go prowling for some local black dick.We came across this black hunk in the parking lot and we knew we hit the lottery. He told us he was on the way to visit his girlfriend but we didn't care since we had black dick on the brain. He thought we were out of our minds but knew we were serious once we both took his meatstick past our tonsils. Gwen and I took advantage of that black bat he drags around all day by relishing every inch of that monster . His nervousness disappeared almost as fast as his big black dick in our tight white holes which he slammed mercilessly and without care.....the way I love it! Gwen and I took his fat load and sent him on his way. It's been days since he fucked us and both our pussies are still sore but it's a pain that we can't go without.